See information about what winter will be like this time

 Information about what winter will be like this time

How cold will it be this year, will the winter season be long or short, when will winter start?  Know the answers to each question.  Decreased humidity in the air, dry breezes and clear skies start the cold spell, which has already happened.  According to the meteorological department, the cold snap will officially begin after the daytime temperatures begin to drop from October 15.

જુઓ આ વખતે શિયાળો કેવો રહેશે

 Surendra Prasad Singh, With the formal departure of the monsoon from the hilly and plain areas of the northern part of the country, the cold season has begun to arrive.  The winter season is projected to last longer where the next cold season will be bitterly cold.  Decreasing humidity in the air, dry bright winds and clearing skies trigger the arrival of cold, which has already happened.